Common Elements

Common Elements


To be consistent across the Densify API, there are some components that are common across all the resources.

ID, Name and Self Reference (id, name, href)

Every instance of an individual persistent resource is referable via its own URI. Thus each resource instance has a unique ID with a corresponding self link element that any integration code can store to refer back to that element.

In general, each resource object and any reference to a resource object use the following three elements to identify the object:

  • id—UUID of the resource
  • name—name of the resource (if applicable)
  • href—link to the resource

Every collection request returns the above elements of each object in the collection.

Note: Densify API elements, parameters, and filters are case-sensitive.


Date-time elements are specified in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format, using the UNIX epoch time in milliseconds.